UMASH Farm Safety Check

UMASH Farm Safety Check
Agriculture can be a dangerous job.  Safety and health can be overwhelming with the number of hazards on the farm.  Too often we hear or read of farm incidents where a farm worker or family member was seriously injured or killed.  At UMASH, we believe these injuries are preventable.

The UMASH Farm Safety Check is a quick review to identify and fix potential hazards before they cause harm to your family and employees – and your bottom line.  Farm Safety Check will focus on a different topic, offering checklists and tips to help identify hazards, along with resources to remedy any problems.

Look for the red banner which indicates Farm Safety Checklists with Spanish resources.

If you would like any of our Farm Safety Checklists translated to Spanish,
Please email umash@umn.edu

Resources with the blue banner have been updated in light of COVID-19.

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“Every farm is unique.  It takes an individual approach to address common hazards.  The best way to do that is having a routine way to review the farm environment for potential hazards.  There are many ways of working on a farm that can lead to injury or illness. All injuries are preventable.”

Bruce H. Alexander, PhD
Former Director, Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH)

Farm Safety Checklists are fillable PDF forms.

This accessible and user-friendly format allows users to download the PDF and fill it out on a computer or tablet.

Use Farm Safety Check to reinforce safety practices throughout the year.