Farm Safety Check: Farm Buildings and Shops

Farm Safety Check: Farm Buildings and Shops


Each farm operation is unique in the number and types of farm buildings and shops.  These structures are crucial to farm operation, but may also pose potential safety risks. Farm workers and families spend a lot of time in these buildings and shops while performing daily tasks. Precautions must be taken to keep workers, visitors, children, and families safe.

Have you taken the proper steps to ensure the safety of the buildings and shops on your farm?



The checklist below lists a few common hazards you can look for and fix to keep your workers and family safe.

  • Are all buildings free of trash, junk or tools in the walkways and work areas?
  • Are wood floors free of rotten or broken floor boards, exposed nails or other defects?
  • Are concrete floors free from badly broken sections, raised areas, slippery spots or other defects?
  • Are stairs and ladders in good condition? Are handrails secure?
  • Are low ceilings, doors or beams marked with warning signs, streamers, or other identification?

You and/or your employee(s) can download and print a pdf checklist to complete safety checks on your farm.  Keep the completed forms for follow-up, future reference and inspections.


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Disclaimer: The facts and information listed above are suggestions for your safety, but are in no way a comprehensive and exhaustive list of all actions needed to ensure your safety.