Farm Safety Check: STOP-THINK-ACT

Farm Safety Check: STOP-THINK-ACT

APRIL 2020

This is a simple, yet powerful safety tool that encourages everyone on the farm to consider the task or chore at hand, to ask themselves how their own actions could contribute to a safe and productive outcome and stop if it can’t be done safely.

As you prepare for spring planting, add safety to your list. Stop Think Act helps you put safety first on and off the farm.

Before and during a task…


  • What could go wrong?

  •  How bad could it be?

  • Has anything changed?


  • Do I clearly understand the task?

  • Am I physically and mentally ready?

  • Do I have the right tools?


  • Make it safe!

  • Use the right tool!

  • Follow proper procedures!

  • Reduce risks!

Stop if it can’t be done safely!


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8.5 x 11 in 11 x 17 in


8.5 x 11 in 11 x 17 in

SPOTLIGHT: Stop Think Act: Safety in 3 Words

Our neighbors to the North in Canada, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), with Imperial Oil, have developed a simple, but effective reminder to practice safety and health on the farm. It is only three words but says it all when preventing injuries or other tragedies from occurring. Stop Think Act is just one tool to encourage farmers to take a minute to stop and think before acting on a task or job.

As heard from KGLB radio…

Used with permission from Workplace Safety & Prevention Services & Imperial Oil