SPOTLIGHT: An Attitude of Gratitude – UMASH highlights from 2022

SPOTLIGHT: An Attitude of Gratitude – UMASH highlights from 2022


Each year, UMASH works to improve agricultural health and safety in the Upper Midwest through research, outreach, and community engagement. As we enter 2023, we look back at the 2022 with gratitude.

In our recent annual report, find a summary of our Center’s research, outreach, engagement, and evaluation activities.

As we move forward to 2023 as a newly renewed center, we thank you for your collaboration and support – safety is a team sport!

Download the 2021-2022 Annual Report

The UMASH website had almost 48,000 page views and over 4,700 downloaded resources this year. These were our top pages based on the number of downloaded resources:

  • Needlestick Prevention – We developed these resources to educate about how to prevent injuries in swine and dairy operations.
  • Farm Safety Check: STOP-THINK-ACT – This is a simple yet powerful tool that encourages everyone on the farm to consider the task or chore at hand, ask themselves how their actions could contribute to a safe and productive outcome, and stop if it can’t be done safely.
  • Ag Educator Teacher Resources – To assist teachers in incorporating agricultural safety and health, UMASH has compiled a list of resources that can be used during the academic school year.

The UMASH YouTube channel had more than 26,000 views in 2022. Our top viewed and watched videos this year were:

Over 1,900 people are subscribed to our email list! These were our most engaging emails this year…which were your favorites?

Our top posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram highlighted highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention, anhydrous safety, and healthy habits:


We at UMASH hope you had a wonderful and safe season of gratitude, celebration, and renewal. Stay tuned for more ag health and safety this year!