SPOTLIGHT: Protecting Agriculture’s Future during National Farm Safety and Health Week 2022

SPOTLIGHT: Protecting Agriculture’s Future during National Farm Safety and Health Week 2022


Harvest is here, and it can be one of the busiest and most dangerous seasons of the year.

In an effort to keep ag communities safe, healthy, and injury free this season, and all year long, we teamed up with our farm safety partners to highlight agricultural health and safety resources during National Farm Safety and Health Week. This year’s theme is “Protecting Agriculture’s Future.” Want an overview of the week’s festivities? Check out each day’s safety and health topic and relevant UMASH resources below.

NFSHW Daily Topics and Resources

Tractor Safety and Rural Roadway Safety


Rural roads pose special dangers with curves, two-way traffic, slow-moving farm vehicles, wildlife, narrow lanes, and more. Whenever you hit the road with your machinery for field-work, check on your equipment and roadway habits to reduce the risk of a roadway incident.

Gear up for a safe, attentive year on the roads by downloading our Farm Safety Check: Roadway Safety

Overall Farmer Health

If you’re a farmer, rancher, or farmworker, you already know that your work can expose you to a variety of hazards. Whether these are physical, mental, environmental, or social, they are all intertwined. 

Protect the health and wellbeing of you, your family, and your workers with these UMASH Physical and Mental Health resources.

Safety and Health for Youth in Agriculture.

Farms face unique safety and health challenges for youth in that there are often children living, working, and/or visiting the farm.  Being on a farm has many benefits for children, but farms can also be dangerous.  About every three days, a child dies in an agriculture-related incident, and each day, about 33 children are seriously injured.

UMASH and our partners have FREE resources to help you keep children and youth safe and healthy while visiting and/or working on the farm.

Confined Spaces

On farms, confined spaces like tanks, silos, and storage bins can be dangerous. Different hazards can exist like toxic gasses, lack of oxygen, or moving parts or equipment that can cause falls, engulfment, or suffocation.

Learn more about confined spaces and prevention methods, practices, and procedures in our Ag Safety and Health Spotlight: Confined Spaces.


Safety and Health for Women in Agriculture

Women have always played a vital role on the farm and now fill more farm roles than ever before. The Cultivating Resiliency for Women in Agriculture project centers around the fact that farmwomen and women in agriculture have unique needs in responding to farm and agricultural stress because of the multiple roles they play.

Visit the Cultivating Resiliency project page for more information and register for a webinar!