SPOTLIGHT: Active Learning: Farm Safety Demonstrations at Farmfest

SPOTLIGHT: Active Learning: Farm Safety Demonstrations at Farmfest

JUNE 2022

One of the many events at Farmfest are the Safety Demonstrations in conjunction with the UMASH Wellness Pavilion. Demonstrations provide an active learning experience which for some is a great way to learn by observing.  UMASH is offering four demonstrations to showcase what and what not to do when working on the farm.  These demonstrations will take place several times a day during Farmfest

August 2, 3, and 4, 2022

Grain Handling

Jim Zwaschka

Fire Instructor, South Central College Ag Instructor Chief, North Mankato Fire Department

  • Demo will highlight examples of available best practices for grain bin and machine safety. Using examples and explanations of lockout tagout for entry, and what harnessing and anchor systems can do to make environments safer.
  • Learn what discussions should take place on the farm before the event of an emergency to assure first responders have needed information and processes in place.
  • These topics will be presented along with examples and demonstrations of sagricultural safety awareness.
  • Experts will also share insight on respiratory protection and air monitoring and how it can be applied on the farm


Brian Kuhl

President and Chief Executive Officer, Progressive Agriculture Foundation 

Jana Davidson

Education Content Specialist

Learn about ATV and UTV safety for both adults and youth using both a Tilt Table and Full Size ATV Tilting Trailer to demonstrate.  Hear from experts about:

  • Choosing the correct PPE and proper body attire
  • Determining the size appropriate ATV-UTV
  • Understanding the concept of center of gravity and correct body positioning
  • Burn points that can injure the lower leg
  • Use of a safety flag
  • Single riders

Confined Spaces

Dan Neenan

Director of the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS), MBA, Paramedic

  • Manure Pit Safety program is intended for workers and managers in agriculture., including pumping companies, farm operators, and agriculture business owners.
  • Identify hazards associated with confined space work.
  • Understand the process for confined space entry and lock out procedures.
  • Know where to look for OSHA references and resources related to confined space entry in the confinement industry.

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Tractor Rollover

Dale Dobson

Kentucky Department of Agriculture

  • 80% of all accidents on a farm involve a tractor, and rollover accidents are the leading cause of tractor-related deaths, and rollover accidents occur faster than our human capacity for reaction.
  • Understand tractor stability.
  • Understand that tractors are top heavy and can easily be tipped.
  • Review the importance of a roll bar and seat belt on tractors without cabs.

In addition to the safety demonstrations, UMASH will again have the Wellness Pavilion where a number of exhibitors are there to answer questions and provide information on many agricultural related health and safety issues – something for everyone.

Take part in this “active learning” experience at Farmfest and put it into practice on your own farm.  Visit our UMASH Farmfest webpage to learn more.