Near Miss? Close Call?

Near Miss? Close Call?

David Endorf and his ATV


Have you experienced this? Check all that apply

򪪪 Near Miss
򪪪 Close Call
򪪪 Narrow Escape
򪪪 All of the above


Many of us have experienced a near miss or close call when working on the farm. Did the experience change how you do chores or tasks? Are you thinking about not repeating the same “mistake”?

The Telling the Story Project is an innovative resource whose goal is to “tell a story and save a life.” This project uses real life stories of those who were impacted by a health and/or safety incident in agriculture. Some are near misses or close calls and others are stories of injuries, some of which are fatal.

The Telling the Story Project was featured as a national story for Farm Progress, and the regional publication of The Farmer. During National Farm Safety and Health Week, this particular story provides an example of the occupational hazards and a near miss involving an ATV. This incident changed the farmer’s life and approach to work by slowing down and thinking before acting. UMASH encourages all farmers to Stop Think Act to avoid near misses or close calls.

Telling the Story Project is made possible through funding from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Program. Participating regional centers include Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (Nebraska); Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health (Iowa); and Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (Minnesota).

  • Continue reading the story and apply the lessons learned for your own farm operation.