Farmfest Wellness and Safety Tent

The Wellness and Safety Tent featured information from over 20 organizations on a variety of topics.


Healthy Living, Prevention and Research

The exhibitors provided information on various topics including hearing conservation, cancer awareness and prevention, occupational health, asthma, oral health and diabetes, sexual violence, human trafficking, physical and cognitive effects of aging, radon detection and mitigation and respiratory health with guidelines for correct personal protective equipment. Participants, there have opportunities to be part of the research studies at the University of Minnesota.

Mental Health, Resiliency and Wellbeing Resources

With the stress and anxiety facing many farmers today, our exhibitors offered resources to help one recognize the signs and symptoms of stress, build resiliency and provide information and options for local resources.

Youth and Families

Children live and often share the work on farms. Exhibitors provided hands on activities and safety demonstrations in a “youth friendly” format to raise awareness about risks and stress the importance of safety on the farm, including ATV (4-Wheeler) safety. Options for childcare to keep children safe were offered for those families in need when working on the farm.

Rural Equipment and Roadway Safety

Exhibitors focused on proper lighting and marking of your farm equipment, the effect of whole body vibration, Roll over Protection Structure (ROPS) and safety on or around train tracks.

Business Safety

Your farm is your business and your life. There are multiple ways to stay safe and healthy while working on the farm. Exhibitors offered free workplace safety consultations, safe animal handling, dairy worker training, personal protective equipment, pipeline safety and much more. It is a good business practice to keep you and those around you safe and injury free.

Emergency Response

Knowing what to do in an emergency is often key to saving a life. Learn how to become a lifesaver by knowing how to stop bleeding from an injury. Firefighters are often first on the scene. Learn how local volunteer firefighters can work with you and your farm to prevent injuries and other life threatening situations.

Farmers Coffee Corner

Stop by and take a break. Have a cup of coffee or water and a snack.



AgriSafe Network

AgriSafe staff provided resources on the Total Farmer Health campaign with an emphasis on respiratory health and identifying respiratory hazards on the farm. Various health and safety toolkits for farmers and ranchers were also available onsite.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Information and resources on suicide prevention, loss support, and mental health wellness. At the booth there was a trivia wheel to win bracelets, magnets, pens, or a t-shirt.

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing, University of Minnesota

Audiologists shared information about noise exposure along with hearing conservation options for agricultural and recreational activities. The exhibitors provided resources to learn the proper techniques for inserting earplugs and positioning earmuffs, as well as how to listen to music at safe levels.

DNR ATV Safety

ATV safety instructors discussed the importance of learning about ATV Safety, whether it be for work or recreational, and share education resources.

Health Fair 11 Community
Health Fair 11 Community is an ambitious and unique program that reaches out to people at the grassroots level. Our team of nurses and community health workers provided basic screenings: blood pressure, glucose & cholesterol checks, and BMI (body mass index) measurements. Screenings were performed onboard our Healthmobile, under pop-up tents, or inside community-based facilities.

Our goal is to improve the health of people by providing them with free health screenings, consultation, and educational resources. By bringing services directly to the people ‘where they are at’, Health Fair 11 Community is helping people re-engage with their health journey.

Our work is accomplished with partner organizations that share our vision of creating healthier communities through collaborative outreach. Support for Health Fair 11 Community comes from UCare, Medtronic Foundation, and KARE 11 TV.

Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health

Education and resources focused on farm vehicle roadway safety and the effects of whole body vibration. Great Plains informed the public about the latest recommendations for the lighting and marking of your farm vehicles to reduce the risk of crashes with roadway vehicles.

Masonic Cancer Center - University of Minnesota

The Masonic Cancer Center exhibit included cancer awareness activities and information, information on the Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network, and an opportunity to learn about and enroll in the 10K Families study. Each day hosted a special guest including the University of Minnesota Dermatology group who were conducting skin cancer screenings and teaching about radon and how to protect your home!

Mayo Health Clinic in Springfield

Mayo Clinic Health System in Springfield is proud to be part of the community by providing the care you and your family need, close to home. Mayo Clinic Health System experts were at Farmfest on Tuesday, August 6 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. to provide blood pressure and glucose checks, as well as health and wellness resources for you and your family.

Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs

Exhibitors provided a game of mental health Jenga with candy and prizes. Information provided by the association included, finding local community mental health agencies’ websites, contacts and addresses. Get quick tips for spotting mental health crises and quick de-escalation techniques.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Do you have a tractor without a cab or rollover protection structure (ROPS)? Find out about the Minnesota ROPS rebate program. Learn more about the Minnesota Farm and Rural Helpline and the Minnesota Farm Advocates program.

Minnesota Department of Health

Learn tips and get resources on mental health promotion and suicide prevention. Discover key resources to support your mental health and well-being. Pick up information and telephone numbers for managing a mental health crisis and suicide prevention hotline information.

Interactive displays provided education and resources on occupational health, asthma, cancer screening, oral health, diabetes, sexual violence, and human trafficking.

Minnesota Farm Bureau

The MFB goodie bag contained information on the opioid epidemic and a Deterra medicine deactivation kit. Use your bag to gather other health and safety resources you can use to protect the health and wellbeing of your family and workers. The Minnesota Farm Bureau will be giving out Prescription Drug Deactivation Kits, First Aid Kits, and Pill containers to those visiting the Wellness and Safety Pavilion at Farmfest this year. This is a great way to remind individuals to dispose of their unused prescription drugs and connect with resources on Opioid misuse. On Tuesday, August 6th, take time to visit the Code 3 Trailer that will be next to the Wellness and Safety Pavilion. The CODE 3 educational trailer exhibit is a hands-on tour of a mock teenage bedroom to learn about possible warning signs of substance misuse. The CODE 3 educational trailer is sponsored by the Minnesota Farm Bureau Foundation.

Minnesota Operation Lifesaver

Nearly 60% of collisions with trains occur at passive crossings and more than 4 in ten of those collisions involve a truck-trailer, large truck, or other motor vehicle including farm equipment. Learn more about making safe decisions around tracks and trains and what to do in an emergency by stopping by our exhibit August 6th-8th.

NAMI Minnesota

NAMI Minnesota supports individuals living with mental illnesses and their friends and family members. Learn about strategies for stress management and building resiliency. Find information and resources on mental health and suicide prevention for agricultural communities.

National Farm Medicine Center

“Sane Grain” for $100? You got it! Play Farm Safety Jeopardy with us, and let’s talk about youth working on the farm. Are you matching them with appropriate tasks? Step up to our big video screen and learn which tasks youth can be doing on your farm.

OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation

Learn about the free voluntary and confidential workplace safety and health assistance to Minnesota businesses provided by Workplace Safety Consultation (WSC) and their priority for farms and small businesses.

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

Try out our hands-on activities for children (and adults) related to ATV, Tractor, PTO and Grain Safety.

Robert L. Kane Endowed Chair in Long-Term Care and Aging

Come meet the Families and Long-Term Care Projects Team! Our mission is to provide education, support, and resources regarding healthy aging and brain health. The Long-Term Care Project Team were at Farmfest sharing information about our research projects and activities related to supporting caregivers of individuals with memory loss including a brain toss game and more! Sponsored by the Robert L. Kane Endowed Chair in Long-Term Care and Aging, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.

Southern Minnesota Center of Agriculture

Safety Trailer with tabletop safety demos, such as a mini-bin with pull scale, chemical safety, auger and PTO timer. Learn about safety with these hands-on activities. Find out how you can bring the trailer to your community.

SWRTAC (Southwest Regional Trauma Advisory Committee)

Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and a call into action. Stop the bleed is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency until professional help arrives. Staff demonstrated lifesaving procedures for bystanders.

Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.

Learn about head start services available to families who work migrant and seasonal agriculture. While the children are at the center we provide an education, healthy meals and a safe environment for them while the parents are working. Parents will have the peace of mind that the children are safe while they are working. It also keeps the children out of the fields.

Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH)

Spin the farm safety and health wheel and win a prize. UMASH invites you to learn more about the risks associated with farming and how you can prevent injuries. Resources are available for teachers, students and families to prepare for the upcoming school year with research to practice information and tools.

University of Minnesota Extension

This exhibit promoted Youth Tractor Driver Safety and Youth Farm Safety programs from the Extension Center for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.  The Biosecure Entry Education Trailer (BEET) taught people how to assess and practice biosecurity protocols for your farm operation.

US Department of Transportation - Pipeline Safety

Resources and information for pipeline safety in rural and farm communities.