Program Evaluation

UMASH uses systematic evaluation to assess the Center’s impact while ensuring effective and impactful use of its resources.

UMASH partners with the Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute at the University of Minnesota to implement its evaluation program. In addition to gathering information to improve decision making, prior evaluation efforts have developed tools and resources to encourage UMASH staff to critically assess goals, outcomes, and partnerships. The program has helped to improve monitoring systems, guide strategic planning, and build evaluation capacity among its members.




Photo of Jeffrey B. Bender DVM, MS

Jeffrey B. Bender DVM, MS

Professor, Division of Environmental Health Sciences School of Public HealthUniversity of Minnesota
Phone: 612-625-6203


Photo of Amy R. Pekol PhD

Amy R. Pekol PhD

Researcher Veterinary Population MedicineCollege of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota
Phone: 612-624-0598


Photo of Devon Charlier

Devon Charlier

Evaluation Intern University of Minnesota
Photo of Diane Kampa BSB

Diane Kampa BSB

Center Coordinator and Director of Outreach Environmental Health SciencesSchool of Public Health, University of Minnesota
Phone: 612-626-4826