Infectious Disease on the Farm Handout

Zoonotic Diseases, or zoonoses, are infectious diseases that can be transmitted between animals and people. They cause different types of illnesses ranging from mild to serious symptoms and are sometimes fatal. VIEW PDF

Repetitive Motion Injuries Fact Sheet

Recommendations for Prevention: Worker Injuries Caused by Repetitive Motion Preventing musculoskeletal injuries in the work environment can lead to improvements in worker wellbeing and performance, milk production, and cow health. VIEW PDF  

Parkinson’s Disease Fact Sheet

Parkinson’s Disease: Practical Workplace Adaptations Fact Sheet An adaptation is a large or small change made to the home and work environments. Adaptations can help you live and work independently for a longer period of time. VIEW PDF

Long-Term Injury Flier

Long-term injuries can occur from repetitive movements caused by excessive bending, lifting, working in an assembly line, and standing for long periods of time. VIEW PDF

Repetitive Motion Injuries Poster

This poster can be printed and used around the farm and work environment to remind workers to be mindful of their movements and engage in repetitive motion injury prevention methods during their daily activities. DOWNLOAD:  8.5 X 11 11 X 17

Guías de capacitación en español sobre manejo de animales para granjas lecheras

El trabajar con animales grandes puede ser un desafío para los agricultores y trabajadores … UMASH ha desarrollado guías de capacitación para acompañar la serie de 5 videos sobre el arreo o el buen manejo del ganado. Estas guías están destinadas a la capacitación de agricultores, ganaderos, empleados agrícolas, veterinarios, personal de capacitación …

Animal Handling Training Guides: Swine

The Upper Midwest is home to swine production. From farrow to finish, producers need to be aware of the risks associated with hog farming and take precautions to avoid illness and injury. UMASH has developed two videos and teaching guides for producers to focus on safety in their operation. These guides are intended for training by farmers, ranchers, …

Agritourism Health and Safety Resources

Opening your farm to visitors is a great way for people to get a first-hand look at agriculture. Protecting the safety and health of farm visitors is essential to providing a great experience and protecting your assets. Take time to plan and prepare for guests on your farm by visiting https://umash.umn.edu/agritourism for agritourism resources including …

Keeping Farm Employees Safe During COVID-19

This video goes step-by-step explaining ways that farms can protect their employees during COVID-19. Visit the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH) COVID-19 Resources page for additional agricultural safety and health education and training resources: https://umash.umn.edu/covid-19-resources/ The video contents are solely the …

Aging on The Farm

This video addresses the current aging population as it relates to farmers, farm families and workers. The average age of farmers is 58 and many choose to continue to work and live on the farm as it is a way of life. This video highlights: Farming and ranching is rated one of the most dangerous and physically demanding occupations in the United States. …