Stay Healthy on the Farm

Even healthy, well cared for animals can have germs that can make people sick. This handout was developed by the Minnesota Department of Health to provide tips for preventing illness and injury when visiting a farm. OPEN PDF

Blueprint for Protecting Children in Agriculture: The 2012 National Action Plan

Authors: Lee BC, Gallagher SS, Liebman AK, Miller ME, Marlenga B Marshfield Clinic Report, 2012 ABSTRACT: This National Action Plan takes an updated look at preventing childhood agricultural injury and death.  The Blueprint endeavor builds upon the 1996 plan that launched a national initiative leading to a remarkable reduction in nonfatal injuries …

Hazards faced by informal recyclers in the squatter communities of Asunción, Paraguay

Authors: Cunningham R, Simpson C, Keifer MC International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, 2012 ABSTRACT: Informal recycling is widespread in developing countries and involves the collection, sorting, and selling of recyclable materials. Workers are exposed to hazards including the risk of cuts and musculoskeletal injury, infection, …