Repetitive Motion Injuries Fact Sheet

Recommendations for Prevention: Worker Injuries Caused by Repetitive Motion Preventing musculoskeletal injuries in the work environment can lead to improvements in worker wellbeing and performance, milk production, and cow health. VIEW PDF  

Long-Term Injury Flier

Long-term injuries can occur from repetitive movements caused by excessive bending, lifting, working in an assembly line, and standing for long periods of time. VIEW PDF

Repetitive Motion Injuries Poster

This poster can be printed and used around the farm and work environment to remind workers to be mindful of their movements and engage in repetitive motion injury prevention methods during their daily activities. DOWNLOAD:  8.5 X 11 11 X 17

Safety and Health on the Farm – It’s your Right and it’s the Law

A bilingual, full-color comic book about workers’ compensation and workers’ rights for immigrant dairy workers. It tells the story of a Mexican dairy worker injured on the job and the steps he and his employer take to ensure he receives benefits and the farm improves safety. Available in English and Spanish, and versions for Minnesota, Wisconsin, …

Growing Agricultural Education: Embracing Health and Safety

Authors: Bruce H. Alexander, Jeff B. Bender, Diane Kampa, Matthew C. Keifer, Amy K. Liebman, Carol Peterson, Ruth Rasmussen, Lisa Schiller, Brad Schloesser, and Carolyn Sheridan Journal of Agromedicine Vol. 21 , Iss. 3,2016 ABSTRACT: On May 28, 2015, the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH), the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s …

Surveillance of Disease and Injury in Wisconsin Dairy Farmers and Workers

Authors: Keifer MC, Sandberg S, Reyes IA, Waring SC, Alexander B, Gerberich SG. Journal of Agromedicine. Wisconsin. June 9, 2014 ABSTRACT: The objective of this project is to establish, as well as maintain, a comprehensive working surveillance system designed to identify illness and injury among dairy farmers and farmworkers throughout the state of …

Facilitating Return to Work for Injured and Ill Animal Agriculture Workers

Authors: Reyes IA, Bellendorf N, Meehan T, Wenger R, Kadolph C, Halstead S, Mahnke A, Weichelt B, Ray W, Keifer M. Journal of Agromedicine. Wisconsin. June 9, 2014 ABSTRACT: Large animal production, like much of agriculture, is dangerous. Non-fatal injuries in pork and dairy production are commonplace and can often be serious, leading to restrictions. …

Bilingual Curriculum for Dairy Worker Safety Training

Seguridad en las lecherías is a health and safety intervention for immigrant workers in dairy. This award winning project uses a popular education model that includes worker training and promotores de salud (or Community Health Workers) to reduce worksite hazards and to improve worker knowledge and practices. Through extensive input from workers, health …