COVID-19 Resources

The outbreak of COVID-19 is rapidly changing, creating a significant challenge for U.S. public health departments, schools, community organizations, agriculture and the overall public. UMASH has compiled a list specific to the Upper Midwest region to address COVID-19 in your state. LEARN MORE

COVID-19 Handwashing Poster

Handwashing isn’t just for visitors on the farm. Learn the 6 steps to flush germs down the drain in order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Download our poster and hang it in your workplace to promote cleanliness. VIEW PDF

UMASH Farm Safety Check

Agriculture can be a dangerous job.  Safety and health can be overwhelming with the number of hazards on the farm.  Too often we hear or read of farm incidents where a farm worker or family member was seriously injured or killed.  At UMASH, we believe these injuries are preventable. The UMASH Farm Safety Check is a quick review to identify and …

Staying Healthy When the Farm Comes to You

Even healthy, well cared for animals can carry germs that can make people sick. If the farm’s coming to you, follow these simple tips to stay healthy. This flyer was developed by the Minnesota Department of Health. For more information and resources on agritourism visit: umash.umn.edu/agritourism OPEN PDF

Infographic: Keeping Visitors Safe and Healthy on the Farm

A 2016 survey of 1,105 Minnesota State Fair attendees gathered information about knowledge and behaviors related to agritourism, zoonotic diseases, and handwashing practices. For more information and resources on agritourism visit: umash.umn.edu/agritourism OPEN PDF

Animal Agritourism: Lay out a Plan for Success

Agritourism is a growing business, offering the public a chance to interact with animals in a way that they may otherwise not be able to do. However, even healthy animals can carry diseases that are harmful to guests, and it’s in your best interest as an operator to ensure your guests are safe during their visit to your farm. This video describes …

6 Steps to Handwashing

Large 11×17 poster detailing 6 steps to handwashing.  PDF download is in high resolution and ready to print and hang! UMASH and the Minnesota Department of Health have created a variety of agritourism resources, including fact sheets, posters, brochures, and videos. VIEW AGRITOURISM RESOURCES OPEN PDF

Farms, Fairs, and Fun – Be sure to wash your hands

It’s fun to get out on a working farm to experience farm life; spend time outside and find out where your food comes from. But contact with animals is always a potential risk for getting sick. Out on the farm washing your hands is really important. Farm visitors haven’t built up an immunity to farm germs so they are more vulnerable, especially kids …