Animal Handling Training Guides: Swine

The Upper Midwest is home to swine production. From farrow to finish, producers need to be aware of the risks associated with hog farming and take precautions to avoid illness and injury.

UMASH has developed two videos and teaching guides for producers to focus on safety in their operation.

These guides are intended for training by farmers, ranchers, farm employees, veterinarians, human resources training staff and those involved with worker health and safety training/education.

The videos and accompanying guides address sow handling and swine influenza. Both are available in English and Spanish. The materials can be used in small groups or individually. There is a short quiz at the end of each video, also available in English and Spanish, to check your understanding. After completing the two videos and related quizzes, a certificate of completion is available for printing.

Swine Flu Prevention

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how the flu is transmitted between human and animals and vice versa given the close contact working conditions.
  • List recommendations for flu prevention
  • Summarize practices when a pig gets the flu
  • Under what conditions can humans transmit the flu to pigs and pigs to humans?
  • How can you prevent the spread of the flu between pigs and handlers/humans?
  • What do the symptoms look like in a pig that may have the flu?
  • What should you do if you observe a pig who is showing symptoms of the flu?
Take The Quiz

Each person completing the training should take the quiz.

Printable Quiz

Sow Handling

Learning Objectives

  • Identify best practices for handling and moving sows.
  • Describe the flight zone and blind spot of a sow.
  • Explain preparation methods when moving sows.
  • As a sow handler, what are the best techniques to use when you want her to move?
  • What are key behaviors to look for in a sow when she is stressed and what can handlers do to keep sows relaxed?
  • What are the steps used when preparing sows to move from the gestation barn to the farrowing room?
Take The Quiz

Each person completing the training should take the quiz.

Printable Quiz

Farm Worker Sow Behavior Safety Tips
Release Date: Jan 6, 2023

This video addresses key behavior in sows, and how to manage the animals to reduce aggression and potential injury.

Seguridad Del Trabajador Comportamiento de la Cerda
Release Date: Jan 6, 2023

Este video es acerca del comportamiento clave de las cerdas y cómo tratar a los animales para reducir la agresión y las posibles lesiones.

UMASH offers additional resources on Positive Animal Handling including barn posters and fact sheets in English and Spanish.

Can COVID-19 infect my herd, flock, or pets?

According to the CDC, humans seem more likely to give COVID-19 to animals than vice versa. A limited number of animals in the United States have been infected with COVID-19. If you are sick, restrict contact with pets just as you would around other people. It is suggested that people with COVID-19 limit contact around all animals until more information is known about the virus and the susceptibility of various animals to the virus.