UMASH Success Story: Responding to Issues like COVID-19

UMASH Success Story: Responding to Issues like COVID-19



COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way that we work on the farm: food production systems have been greatly taxed, and as with all essential work, agricultural workers have higher COVID-19 risk.



UMASH is responding to the needs of our region’s agricultural workers by:

  • Creating tools and resources
  • Providing timely guidance and updates
  • Conducting innovative research

Tools for Workplace Safety

Responsive Research Projects:

  • The management of airborne virus particles
  • The COVID-19 -related needs and biosecurity practices of MN and WI dairies

Tools for your Mental Health

  • A toolkit to guide community-based trainings and conversations around mental health and stress.
  • Virtual suicide prevention classes for agricultural communities.
  • Customized resources for identifying and supporting individuals with signs and symptoms of stress

Virtual Farm Show

To stay connected with the agricultural community and share key safety information, we hosted the UMASH Expo, a virtual farm show

  • Roughly 1,500 unique participants
  • Over 40 virtual exhibit booths
  • Over 30 live safety talks
  • Three live demonstrations