SPOTLIGHT: Practice Physical Distancing on the Farm

SPOTLIGHT: Practice Physical Distancing on the Farm


The recent news is overflowing with the approval and distribution of the COVID -19 vaccine. Coverage of the UPS and FedEx trucks leaving the warehouse, the first people to receive the vaccine and the elated healthcare workers dancing in the street showcase the excitement. It is a welcome sign of hope for what is to come.

With all that hope and excitement, it is important to remember to keep practicing sound COVID-19 prevention, particularly in rural areas where high rates of COVID-19 are still being reported. North Dakota State University Extension has summarized some of the key points for farmers and ranchers in the Upper Midwest to keep in mind as we weather the winter and wait for vaccinations to become widely available. Maintaining physical distancing is one important way to reduce the risk of getting and spreading COVID-19 to others. Take a moment to review the basic guidelines from NDSU and our COVID-19 Q and A’s.



COVID-19 Q & A for Agricultural Communities

UMASH has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) for farmers, families, farm workers and others living and working in agriculture.