Farmers and farm families are at very high risk for fatal and nonfatal injuries. During Minnesota Farmfest 2022, stop by the UMASH Wellness Pavillion to visit dozens of exhibitors and health and safety experts, sharing information from over 25 organizations on various topics, from healthy living, mental health and resiliency, youth and family safety, rural equipment and roadway safety, business safety, emergency response, and more!

We want you to be safe, healthy, and injury-free.

2022 Exhibitors

AgriSafe Network

AgriSafe staff provided resources on the Total Farmer Health campaign with an emphasis on respiratory health and identifying respiratory hazards on the farm. Various health and safety toolkits for farmers and ranchers were also available onsite.

Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance

The Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (PASA) consists of a dedicated group of utility operators that have teamed up with the National Association of County Agricultural Agents to help deliver safety messages to farmers and ranchers around the nation.

Forty Square Cooperative Solutions

An independent, member-owned agricultural cooperative offering health plans for Minnesota’s farm families, businesses that provide direct services to production agriculture and their employees.

Farmer Veteran Coalition of Minnesota
We cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities.

Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health

Education and resources focused on farm vehicle roadway safety and the effects of whole body vibration. Great Plains informed the public about the latest recommendations for the lighting and marking of your farm vehicles to reduce the risk of crashes with roadway vehicles.

National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

The National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety is celebrating 25 years of preventing injuries associated with the agricultural worksite, one of the nation’s most hazardous worksites and the only one where children of any age may be present.

Stop the Bleed

The STOP THE BLEED® campaign was initiated to build national resilience by better preparing the public to save lives by raising awareness of basic actions to stop life-threatening bleeding following everyday emergencies and man-made and natural disasters.

UMN Mobile Health Initiative

The Mobile Health Initiative (MHI) unites University health professionals from dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and veterinary medicine with community partners to deliver a range of urgently needed services.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Do you have a tractor without a cab or rollover protection structure (ROPS)? Find out about the Minnesota ROPS rebate program. Learn more about the Minnesota Farm and Rural Helpline and the Minnesota Farm Advocates program.

UMN Pesticide Safety and Environmental Education

The Pesticide Safety and Environmental Education (PSEE) team believes that quality education and responsible management of pests and pesticides are essential to public health, safety, and environmental protection.  We provide education and leadership for anyone who uses pesticides on farms, in buildings, for management of natural resources and landscapes, and at home. We focus on topics of safety, health, security, and environmental protection using integrated pest management and occupational safety frameworks.

Minnesota Operation Lifesaver

Nearly 60% of collisions with trains occur at passive crossings and more than 4 in ten of those collisions involve a truck-trailer, large truck, or other motor vehicle including farm equipment. Learn more about making safe decisions around tracks and trains and what to do in an emergency by stopping by our exhibit August 6th-8th.

NAMI Minnesota

NAMI Minnesota supports individuals living with mental illnesses and their friends and family members. Learn about strategies for stress management and building resiliency. Find information and resources on mental health and suicide prevention for agricultural communities.

OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation

Learn about the free voluntary and confidential workplace safety and health assistance to Minnesota businesses provided by Workplace Safety Consultation (WSC) and their priority for farms and small businesses.

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

Try out our hands-on activities for children (and adults) related to ATV, Tractor, PTO and Grain Safety.

National Education Center for Agricultural Safety

The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) is dedicated to preventing illnesses, injuries and deaths among farmers and ranchers, agricultural and horticultural workers, their families and their employees. NECAS offers training and rescue programs for a variety of topics and also provides webinars to increase awareness for agricultural safety.

Southern Minnesota Center of Agriculture

Safety Trailer with tabletop safety demos, such as a mini-bin with pull scale, chemical safety, auger and PTO timer. Learn about safety with these hands-on activities. Find out how you can bring the trailer to your community.

Kentucky Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture was created to promote the interests of agriculture and horticulture in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH)

Spin the farm safety and health wheel and win a prize. UMASH invites you to learn more about the risks associated with farming and how you can prevent injuries. Resources are available for teachers, students and families to prepare for the upcoming school year with research to practice information and tools.

University of Minnesota Extension

This exhibit promoted Youth Tractor Driver Safety and Youth Farm Safety programs from the Extension Center for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.  The Biosecure Entry Education Trailer (BEET) taught people how to assess and practice biosecurity protocols for your farm operation.