Infectious Disease on the Farm Handout

Zoonotic Diseases, or zoonoses, are infectious diseases that can be transmitted between animals and people. They cause different types of illnesses ranging from mild to serious symptoms and are sometimes fatal. VIEW PDF

Repetitive Motion Injuries Fact Sheet

Recommendations for Prevention: Worker Injuries Caused by Repetitive Motion Preventing musculoskeletal injuries in the work environment can lead to improvements in worker wellbeing and performance, milk production, and cow health. VIEW PDF  

Parkinson’s Disease Fact Sheet

Parkinson’s Disease: Practical Workplace Adaptations Fact Sheet An adaptation is a large or small change made to the home and work environments. Adaptations can help you live and work independently for a longer period of time. VIEW PDF

Long-Term Injury Flier

Long-term injuries can occur from repetitive movements caused by excessive bending, lifting, working in an assembly line, and standing for long periods of time. VIEW PDF

2020 FFA Infographic

This infographic is the result of a survey of FFA students that highlights the need for agricultural education.   OPEN PDF

Keeping Visitors Safe at Your Agritourism Business

This fact sheet developed by the Minnesota Department of Health contains information for agritourism operators on how to keep their visitors safe and prevent illness. For more information and resources on agritourism visit: umash.umn.edu/agritourism OPEN PDF

Sharps Disposal and Safety for Livestock Settings

Livestock-related sharps are considered medical waste. If not disposed of properly, sharps pose a significant risk of injury and illness to farmers, on site workers and waste handlers. This fact sheet contains tips for proper storage and disposal of sharps. OPEN PDF

Tenga Paciencia Hoja de Hechos

AL MOVER LAS VACAS, ¡TENGA PACIENCIA! – Tenga paciencia – Tome en cuenta el ángulo en el que se acerca – Considere su ubicación con respecto a la de la vaca – Reduzca la velocidad de sus movimientos OPEN PDF This poster was developed by UMASH as part of the Multidisciplinary Network to Address Agriculture Worker Health and Safety Issues project.

Agritourism Best Practices Checklist

The best practices described in this poster are based on the Compendium of Measures to Prevent Disease Associated with Animals in Public Settings, 2013. If you are a petting zoo operator, please use this checklist as a tool to design and operate your petting zoo according to the national standards. If you are hiring a petting zoo, please use this checklist …

Health Information for People Working with Avian Influenza Infected Flocks

Fact sheet developed by the Minnesota Department of Health with information for avian influenza infected flocks. The risk of getting sick with avian influenza if you have cared for infected birds is very low. Even though the risk is low, there are some things you can do to stay healthy. OPEN PDF