Think – Teach – Do – Ag Safety: Reaching Teachers with Classroom Resources

Think – Teach – Do – Ag Safety: Reaching Teachers with Classroom Resources

The Minnesota Association of Agricultural Educators (MAAE) Summer Conference was held July 8 – 11, 2019 at Breezy Point Resort and Convention Center near Brainerd, MN. UMASH joined over 20 exhibitors on July 9 to connect with teachers and offer health and safety resources for the classroom.


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Approximately 150 teachers from across the state of Minnesota attended for a variety of staff development options. UMASH highlighted up to date resources including a new Classroom Resources web page which highlights a variety of resources on agricultural health and safety topics, an easy to use planning template, awareness events, ideas on how to incorporate ag health and safety into the classroom and more. Both experienced and new teachers were interested in this as well as our resources on signs and symptoms of stress, safety training videos, and professional development opportunities.

The MAAE Summer Conference was a time to make one on one connections with teachers and express the importance of teaching the next generation of farmers and agribusiness employees on safety in the workplace. UMASH is looking forward to building our relationship with the teachers and the important work they do in teaching safety and health.