The Cow is Always Right – La Vaca Siempre Tiene La Razon

The Cow is Always Right – La Vaca Siempre Tiene La Razon

Jenna Davis – Minnesota Milk Producers Association

UMASH was fortunate to cooperate for a second time with Minnesota Milk Producers (MMPA) at a recent Spanish Dairy Management Workshop.  25 dairy workers from central Minnesota attended for a full day training hosted by MMPA and Elanco.  Monica Cruz Zorrilla from the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul gave an overview of their services and answered many questions from the participants.

UMASH provided a resource table with Spanish safety training resources and highlighted our stockmanship posters which encourage workers to be patient… “The Cow Is Always Right or – La Vaca Siempre Tiene La Razon.”   These posters and other resources including needlestick prevention, DVD’s and a bilingual booklet titled Safety in Words were well received by the attendees.  These and many other FREE safety resources are available on our website umash.umn.edu

This was a great way to meet the people closely involved with the day to day operations of a dairy farm, including owners, managers and workers.   We look forward to future collaborations with Minnesota Milk Producers.

Monica Cruz Zorrilla – Consulate of Mexico in St. Paul, and Jorge Delgado - Elanco Animal Health