SPOTLIGHT: Turning the Page – Research Briefs from 2011 – 2016

SPOTLIGHT: Turning the Page – Research Briefs from 2011 – 2016


Innovative research is one of the main pillars of UMASH, along with outreach and communication – all in an effort to improve the lives of agricultural workers in the Upper Midwest. The goal of our occupational safety and health research projects is to provide solutions to decrease illness and injury. 

Each brief provides an easy-to-read overview, including:

  • Key personnel
  • Summary of findings
  • Project background
  • What does it mean for agricultural safety and health?
  • What’s next? Possible solutions or recommendations

We know that agriculture remains one of the most dangerous occupations, and there is more to learn and apply to decrease risks and hazards. We will be compiling our findings from the most recent projects which span the years of 2017- 2022. Stay tuned for how UMASH is working to translate research into practice to keep farmers, workers and families safe, healthy, and injury- and illness-free. 


UMASH has summarized the solutions generated from our first years as a center (2011 – 2016) into “research briefs” for each project. We’ve also compiled all of the briefs into a booklet for you to flip through:


Check out each project page for more information: