SPOTLIGHT: Maintain Productivity and Wellness While Aging on the Farm

SPOTLIGHT: Maintain Productivity and Wellness While Aging on the Farm

MARCH 2022

Continuing to farm productively as you age, while staying safe and healthy, is a value and goal for farmers and the farming community. Working with a team or support system that understands and appreciates the culture of agriculture can better help promote healthy aging on the farm.



Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists (OT), among many other roles, can help individuals and their families navigate aging-related changes.

OTs understand the connection between a person’s identity and their ability to engage in desired daily activities.

Older adults living in rural communities, like many farmers, often have limited access to OT services and strategies。


The mission of the University of Minnesota Occupational Therapy Program (OT) is to educate leaders in occupational therapy through innovative experience-based education and research to advance the science of OT and foster the health and quality of life of individuals, communities, and societies. We value empathy, expertise, teamwork, results, and leadership.


Supporting Aging Farmers

To support aging farmers, several students at the University of Minnesota from rural and farming communities are bringing practical solutions right to farmers’ living rooms. They have developed a series of free videos, with accompanying worksheets and resources to support healthy aging:


Occupational Therapy: Your Productivity and Wellness Advisor

Part 1 introduces Occupational Therapy (OT) as a valuable resource to farmers. The video focuses on the relationship between a farmer’s identity, sense of wellbeing, and ability to stay productive when facing challenges.


Practical Solutions to Maintain Productivity and Wellness

Part 2 shares a wide range of practical strategies and tools for maintaining productivity and safety on the farm as physical, sensory, or cognitive changes occur. The solutions address vision and hearing changes, common aches and pains associated with arthritis, and changes in thinking and memory.

For more information about this project, check out: https://umash.umn.edu/aging-umot/

Concerns around Aging on the Farm?

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Looking for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers who are the parents of a child or adolescent, are an adult, or an older adult who want to work on performance of an everyday living activity. Since all sessions will be virtual, you will need access to a computer or phone with a camera and internet.