SPOTLIGHT: Demos at Farmfest

SPOTLIGHT: Demos at Farmfest

JULY 2021

UMASH at Minnesota Farmfest 2021

Come for the mini donuts and stay for the safety demonstrations

UMASH is back at Minnesota Farmfest in 2021 with the Safety Demonstration Pavilion and ready to talk and demonstrate farm safety and health. We are hosting four safety demonstrations to reinforce how quickly injuries can occur and prevention methods to keep you, your family and your workers safe.

The four demonstrations showcase common safety issues including:

  • Grain Handling Safety along with respiratory and confined space experts
  • Tractor Rollover and Rescue demo with volunteer firefighters and key prevention messages
  • Youth UTV and ATV on a tilt table for attendees to learn and apply skills
  • PTO Safety demo and a live, personal conversation with a farmer on PTO entanglements

Demonstrations will be held three times daily at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM


  • 8:00 AM:
    Show opens
  • 9:00 AM:
    Grain Bin, ATV, tractor (45 minutes)
  • 11:00 AM:
    Grain Bin, ATV, tractor (45 minutes)
  • 2:00 PM:
    Grain Bin, ATV, tractor, PTO (1 hour)
  • 4:00 PM:
    Show closes

In addition to demonstrations, the pavilion tent will have additional health and safety resources, including an AgriSafe nurse to answer questions.  If you need more incentive to stop by, check out our free swag bags with sunblock, prescription drug disposal kits, and more giveaways including hand sanitizer and personal protection equipment (PPE).

Demonstrations are a great way to “teach” safety:


  • Appeal to our senses – many people learn through the sense of sight
  • Realistic and can impact learning and behavior
  • Save time by observing versus a lecture or longer discussion

Get to know the Demonstration Team:

Grain Handling Safety
  • Jim Zwascha
    Agribusiness Instructor, South Central College, Mankato, MN and Station Captain, North Mankato Fire Department
    Topic: Entrapment, Lock out Tag out, Rescue equipment and Prevention strategies
  • Marsha Cheney
    Outreach and Evaluation director, Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health
    Topic: Confined space and gas monitoring; Review of various gas monitors
  • Linda Emanuel, RN
    AgriSafe Network
    Topic: Respiratory protection strategies; Identification of the correct PPE to fit the task and the wearer; Mental health & stress management- How communities and being a good neighbor can help.
Youth UTV and ATV
  • Ellen Duysen
    Community Outreach Specialist, Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health
    Topic: ATV safety for adults; The do’s and don’ts of ATV’s;  Personal Protective Equipment
  • Brian Kuhl
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Progressive Agriculture Foundation and  Safety Day
    Topic: UTV and ATV safety for youth; Choosing the right size machine; Personal Protective Equipment
  • Benard Geske
    Program Specialist, Progressive Agriculture Safety Day
    Topic: UTV and ATV safety for youth; Choosing the right size machine; Personal Protective Equipment
PTO Safety
  • Mike Wojahn
    Farmer and PTO safety advocate
    Topic: PTO use and safety; Personal story of losing someone to a PTO entanglement
  • Emily Krekelberg
    University of Minnesota Extension
    Topic: PTO use and safety
Tractor Rollover and Rescue
  • Max Radil
    Farmer; Forada First Responders and Firefighter, Forada Fire Department and member of Lake Region Firefighters Association
    Topic: Proper farm extrication skills for volunteer firefighters
    Max and Lyla Radil have been involved in the Douglas County 4-H program for more than 25 years. They are also members of the Forada First Responders. Max is a member of the Forada Fire Department and a member of the Lake Region Firefighters Association.  In addition to this, he teaches firefighters throughout the state of Minnesota specializing in Farm Extrication skills.  Max also serves on the local Ag Advisory Committee for District 206.   Lyla serves on the Lakes Area First Responders and is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.  Both Max and Lyla teach the annual fifth grade safety day.  Read more…