SPOTLIGHT: Coaching Methods to Improve Ag Employee Performance

SPOTLIGHT: Coaching Methods to Improve Ag Employee Performance


A productive and positive work environment is integral to the success of any operation, and understanding how to achieve that is just as important. Luckily there are many resources to help develop the skill sets needed to coach effectively and cultivate a prosperous work environment. Tracey Erickson, a Dairy Field Specialist at the South Dakota State University, has recently produced accessible guidelines to help employers learn the difference between coaching and evaluation, and how to effectively invest in their workers and their collective success.

Through positive teaching and leadership methods, employers can not only foster optimal performance in their employees, but also a mutual respect that is essential to any healthy workplace. When employees feel valued and excited to learn and improve, their work life becomes a healthy and enjoyable experience. As an employer, there is continually more to learn on your behalf as well, because coaching does not always come easy. It is a consistent effort and responsibility of motivating and empowering employees.

Take a moment to read Tracey’s article to better understand how to plant the rights seeds for a healthy and rewarding work environment.

Coaching vs Evaluations to Improve Ag Employee Performance

One of the most difficult things farm managers have to master is coaching employees. Coaching enables employers to optimize the performance they desire.