SPOTLIGHT: CDC Guidelines for Pigs and Fairs

SPOTLIGHT: CDC Guidelines for Pigs and Fairs

JULY 2019

PigletSummer: Fun, Fairs, and Flu?

Summer has arrived and along come vacations, picnics and county fairs – sounds like fun and not a good time to become ill with influenza, which can happen any time of year.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently released two guidelines for fair organizers and those exhibiting pigs at the fair to help all of us avoid the spread of influenza. Influenza is a zoonotic disease, which can be transmitted from people to pigs and pigs to people.

Knowing the key prevention facts will help keep all fair-goers and exhibitors healthy and having fun at the fair.


Issues for Fair Organizers to Consider When Planning Fairs

This guidance has been developed to assist fair organizers, county boards and other fair personnel to reduce the risk of spreading influenza at the event. The CDC has recommendations on facilities, animal areas, animal health and high risk populations. Individuals involved in the planning and preparation of a fair can read more on the best practices to avoid the transmission of disease in animal settings. Available in English and Spanish.


Key Facts for People Exhibiting Pigs at Fair

This guidance from CDC focuses on those individuals exhibiting pigs at fairs – many of which are 4H-ers. To protect those most likely to get infected and develop serious illness, CDC and 4-H National Headquarters recommend exhibitors (and their friends or family) take note and action to help prevent the spread of flu between pigs and people. These guidelines include information for high risk individuals, preventative actions and measure to take if you do become ill. Available in English and Spanish.

UMASH Videos

UMASH has developed a variety of educational and training videos on agricultural health and safety. This includes training videos for 4H-ers and youth working at the fair, and an information video that explains zoonotic disease and the best practices to avoid transmitting the flu virus between people and pigs and pigs and people.

4H and Youth Workers

Preventing the Flu