SPOTLIGHT: AgriSafe Learning Lab – Learn Your Way

SPOTLIGHT: AgriSafe Learning Lab – Learn Your Way

MARCH 2020

Ashley Fey, MPH
Program Manager – AgriSafe Network

AgriSafe has led distance education innovation in agricultural safety and health for the past 10 years.

In partnership with experts from across the country, AgriSafe has accessible and quality content on topics covering a variety of exposures common in agricultural work.

AgriSafe launched its new learning management system in the spring of 2019 called the AgriSafe Learning Lab (ALL). All AgriSafe resources, courses, and webinars (live and OnDemand) are now housed together on one learning platform. Learners can access the ALL anytime, track their individual progress, and download a certificate for each completed training. The ALL allows agricultural health and safety training and education to be provided to individuals around the world. This software is a great asset in helping AgriSafe to achieve its mission of “Protecting the People Who Feed the World.”

Training Topics Include:

Behavioral and Mental Health, Ergonomics, Farmer/Worker Health, Hearing Loss Prevention, Heat Related Illnesses, Natural Disasters, Opioid Misuse Prevention, OSHA Standards, Personal Protective Equipment, Pesticide & Chemical Safety, Respiratory Health, Veterans’ Health, Women’s Health, Youth Safety and Health, and Zoonotic Diseases.

Further Details:


The AgriSafe Learning Lab will allow users to search for Live and OnDemand webinars.


The ALL Training Catalog is a list of all the training available; it is searchable by topic, format, date, and type of event.


The ALL has a resource library that is organized by topic and allows users to easily access and download health and safety information at the click of a button. Resources are arranged by topic and available for download.


AgriSafe Learning Lab houses the AgriSafe Nurse Scholar program which consists of a series of webinars provided by experts in the field of agricultural safety and health. Students can view the webinars at their convenience. Participants receive 18 hours of continuing nursing education (CNE) upon completion of the course. This course helps nurses increase their competence in prevention, identification and assessment of diseases and conditions commonly experienced by people working in agriculture.


To access training and resources in the ALL, all you need to do is set up a free account. Click on the Create Account button in the upper right-hand corner from any page in the ALL. You will be directed to a page about AgriSafe Membership. Click on the Free Account option to sign up (top of list). We only ask for name and email address and do not share that information outside of the ALL.

Some OnDemand trainings have been reserved for members of AgriSafe. Those trainings can be accessed by anyone with a free account for a $30 fee. A 12-month AgriSafe membership does give you unlimited access to all the trainings in the ALL for your membership period*.

*The AgriSafe Nurse Scholar program is not included in an AgriSafe membership.