Recognizing our Essential Workers

Recognizing our Essential Workers

MARCH 2021

The Virtual Migrant and Community Health Conference: Recognizing Our Essential Workers was held the week of March 22 – 26, 2021. The Promoting Worker Health and Safety Project for Immigrant Dairy Workers presented an hour session – giving an overview of the project previously in Wisconsin and currently in Minnesota. Chela Vazquez and Jonathan Kirsch highlighted the history of the project and current applications. Amy Liebman and Jeff Bender facilitated the breakout sessions where participant information was gathered and will be reviewed to build potential networks and strengthen the program. An added benefit of the conference included a live interpreter to reach Spanish speaking attendees

This conference included attendees across the United States and was a first time event for us and an excellent opportunity to showcase the trainer format as well as network with public health professionals, Community Health Workers and producers.

Breakout rooms helped identify challenges for the workforce so solutions can be implemented

What challenges do workers and employers face in addressing health and safety on dairy farms?

  • Disasters
  • COVID-19
  • Infectious disease
  • Communication barriers
  • Lack of educational information on safety and health issues

Promoting Safety and Worker Health for Immigrant Dairy Workers

Immigrant workers are important to the economic sustainability of dairy production in the United States. Yet, this population often lacks adequate training due to cultural and language barriers.