Let’s Discuss – Resources for High School Teachers

Let’s Discuss – Resources for High School Teachers

The Minnesota Association of Agricultural Educators (MAAE) 2019 Technology Conference was held January 18 and 19 in St. Cloud MN. Melissa Ploeckelman and Carol Peterson exhibited on behalf of UMASH. This event brought together high school ag teachers, student teachers, secondary education instructors and a variety of exhibitors.

UMASH’s goal was to provide hands on resources for teachers, including discussion guides, lesson plans, and staff development opportunities. Two items of particular interest were Telling The Story Project and the Stockmanship/Positive Animal Handling videos. These resources included both student and teacher resources as a means to guide the discussion and enhance the learning objectives. Melissa and Carol also sought input from the teachers regarding their resource needs related to safety and health on the farm. UMASH will use this input to develop tools for the classroom that fit their teaching needs.

Ag Ed Teacher Resources

UMASH is starting 2019 by building relationships, sharing information, and targeted resource development for teachers.

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We are currently developing a curriculum calendar for the 2019-2020 school year and would love your input.

When it comes to agriculture safety and health there is much more to discuss.