Going Global: Dr. Claudia Muñoz-Zanzi Recognized for Global Engagement

Going Global: Dr. Claudia Muñoz-Zanzi Recognized for Global Engagement

JULY 2022

Dr. Claudia Muñoz-Zanzi

Dr. Claudia Muñoz-Zanzi was recently awarded the 2022 recipient of the Award for Global Engagement with the University of Minnesota’s Global Programs and Strategy Alliance. Dr. Muñoz-Zanzi research and outreach combine epidemiology and veterinary preventive medicine to protect people from low-middle income countries from the spread of zoonotic diseases.

Her research is supported by a number of global organizations and she was instrumental in creating the Global Health minor and certificate within the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. Dr. Muñoz-Zanzi’s earlier pilot project with UMASH – Tick Borne Disease Risk for Agricultural Workers and their Families in the Upper Midwest examined the risk factors of Tick Borne Disease (TBD) as only few studies have investigated the impact of TBD for outdoor occupations.

Keeping with her commitment to social determinants and prevention of disease, this study’s long-term goal was to advance the knowledge of the ecology and epidemiology of TBD as well as identifying effective strategies for infection prevention. 

Congratulations to Dr. Muñoz-Zanzi and her recognized contributions to epidemiology and preventive medicine. Read more about the 2022 Award for Global Engagement and their previous recipients.