Funding Opportunities

UMASH promotes funding opportunities to address agricultural safety and health issues in the Upper Midwest. The following are current funding opportunities in agricultural safety and health from UMASH partner organizations, agricultural safety and health organizations and educational institutions.

Publications and Presentations

Publications and presentations are an important part of sharing the knowledge gathered from research projects as well as outreach and educational program success. UMASH tracks this information in an effort to build on the progress and share relevant issues in agriculture health and safety.

Emerging Issues

The goal of the UMASH Emerging Issues Program is to identify and respond to emerging or re-emerging issues that may impact the health and well-being of the agricultural workforce and their families. UMASH offers funding for partner projects on a specific emerging issue, identified at the yearly UMASH forum.

Pilot Projects

The overall goal of the UMASH pilot projects program was to develop new initiatives in agricultural health and safety research, prevention/intervention, outreach/education, evaluation and translating research into practice.  Funding for pilot projects has been re-assigned to the Emerging Issues initiative.

Research Projects

The UMASH Center conducts multidisciplinary projects in the areas of research, prevention, and education related to the health and safety of the agricultural workforce.  UMASH has currently six funded research projects addressing occupational health and safety issues in agriculture.

COVID-19 Resources

Information on COVID-19 can be overwhelming and confusing at times.  UMASH offers research based recommendations on COVID-19 and the newly named variants including the Delta variant.   Some variants disappear and never cause harm, while others can make a virus easier to spread, harder to treat, and/or more deadly.

UMASH Farm Safety Check

The UMASH Farm Safety Check is a quick review to identify and fix potential hazards before they cause harm to your family and employees – and your bottom line.  The Farm Safety Check offers topic focused checklists, and tips to help identify hazards, along with resources to remedy any problems.

Ag Ed Teacher Resources

To assist teachers, UMASH has compiled a list of resources that can be used during the academic school year, such as: lesson plans, awareness events and additional ideas and resources to integrate health and safety topics into the classroom in a teacher friendly format.

Ag Health and Safety Spotlight

These stories showcase a variety of farm safety and health topics both personal experiences and agricultural experts.  If you have a story to share please send to: umash@umn.edu

Featured Resources

UMASH has a number of FREE safety and health resources.  Topics include: Agritourism, Dairy Handling, Swine Handling, Needlestick Prevention, Ag  Educator Resources OR Ag Education or Agricultural Education Teacher Resources, Stress and Mental Health, Dairy Worker Safety Training, Farm Safety Checklists, Biosecurity, Featured Resource Card