COVID-19 Awareness and Preparedness

COVID-19 Awareness and Preparedness

August 2021

Dr. Jeff Bender was a featured virtual presenter at the Wisconsin Farmworkers Coalition meeting, organized by Legal Action Wisconsin.  Jeff gave a short presentation on Friday, Aug. 20, 2021 of the producers’ survey paper, COVID-19 Awareness and Preparedness of Minnesota and Wisconsin Dairy Farms. 

Jeff described the reasoning for the survey as a means to support agricultural workers, producers and their families:

  • Are workers and producers aware of the risks?
  • What precautions can they take?
  • How do we support access to diagnostics and preventive care?

The survey found dairy farmers support vaccination efforts, information on a broad number of health and safety topics and the use of mobile clinics to support workers and rural families.  For additional information, visit these web pages: