Congratulations are in order – Dr. Peter Davies

Congratulations are in order – Dr. Peter Davies


Dr. Peter Davies

Dr. Peter Davies, professor emeritus in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota and researcher with UMASH, was recently recognized by the Minnesota Pork Producers with the Distinguished Service Award. His research and interests cover a number of topics including swine health and production, veterinary epidemiology, disease surveillance, and regional disease control.

Dr. Davies’ project with UMASH examined the human-animal interface as a source of emerging infectious diseases. He studied swine veterinarians as they have regular animal contact and provide insight into occupational risks for emerging zoonotic diseases.

UMASH agrees wholeheartedly with the Distinguished Service Award for Dr. Davies’ lifetime work. Congratulations are certainly in order.


The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual or group who has contributed to the long-term success of Minnesota pig farmers. Human and animal health is at the forefront of people’s minds now more than ever before, making Davies’ lifelong career researching both subjects all the more critical. His zeal for continuous learning and encouraging those surrounding him to do the same has guided his journey leading him to be this year’s Distinguished Service award recipient.

 – National Hog Farmer; February 16, 2022