SPOTLIGHT: Come Together – Partnerships Emerge for Farmworkers

SPOTLIGHT: Come Together – Partnerships Emerge for Farmworkers


Our colleagues at the Migrant Clinicians Network were recently published in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) for their commentary on Farmworkers and COVID-19: Community-Based Partnerships to Address Health and Safety.

The article summarized food and farm workers’ occupational barriers to health before COVID-19, and the lack of protection from government and employers, that left them vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks despite their essential work to keep food systems functional. As attention grew to these conditions facing frontline workers in meatpacking, poultry facilities, farmworkers, and other food workers, partnerships emerged which included employers, local and state governments, community groups and health care providers with the intent to keep workers safer on the job.

Learn more about the approach to provide safer working conditions with testing, quarantining, vaccination and the positive outcomes by reading the blog post on the MCN website.