SPOTLIGHT: Manure Safety Toolkit

SPOTLIGHT: Manure Safety Toolkit


As we move into fall and harvest season, much of the Upper Midwest has continued to see significant rainfall. Safety issues associated with manure storage, transportation and application, and health impacts should be brought to mind and discussed.

Rain and wet fields can change application, agitation, and harvest plans. During this busy time it’s necessary to consider the health and safety of everyone working in agriculture. While soggy weather squeezes much work into a small time frame, managing fatigue and stress can’t be optional.

This toolkit provides farmers and their family members, manure haulers, and agricultural workers with specific resources to have on hand during manure agitation and land application.

“Bob recalled arriving at Mike’s side. ‘I felt like I was holding the end of the world in my hands.’ The Biadasz’ knew that hydrogen sulfide was deadly in confined spaces, but they had never heard it could kill in the open air.”

– Scott Heiberger (UMASH & National Farm Medicine Center) in Wisconsin State Farmer
Published September 23, 2020




Immediate notification to the State Duty Officer if there is a spill: 800-422-0798


Environmental spills, 24- hour number: 515-725-8694


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