SPOTLIGHT: Manure Safety Toolkit

SPOTLIGHT: Manure Safety Toolkit

2019 has been a challenging weather year for livestock and crop farmers.

As we move into fall and harvest season, much of the Upper Midwest has continued to see significant rainfall. Safety issues associated with manure storage, transportation and application, and health impacts should be brought to mind and discussed.

Rain and wet fields can change application, agitation, and harvest plans. During this busy time it’s necessary to consider the health and safety of everyone working in agriculture. While soggy weather squeezes much work into a small time frame, managing fatigue and stress can’t be optional.

This toolkit provides farmers and their family members, manure haulers, and agricultural workers with specific resources to have on hand during manure agitation and land application.


Always pay attention to safety. It is everyone’s responsibility to assure the safety of workers, visitors, livestock and especially children. Complacency kills.”

Lancaster Farming; September 30, 2019






Immediate notification to the State Duty Officer if there is a spill: 800-422-0798


Environmental spills, 24hr number: 515-725-8694


24 Hour Spill Emergency: 800-943-0003 or​, (608) 224-4617​​

South Dakota

General questions pertaining to manure management:
Contact Kent Woodmansey at (605) 773-3351

Spill reporting: (605) 773-3296
After Hours: (605) 773-3231

North Dakota

North Dakota Livestock Pollution Prevention Program:
ND Dept of Agriculture
600 E Boulevard Ave, Dept 602
Bismarck ND 58505-0020

North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality: (701) 328-5210