Climbing to the Top – Ag Media Summit

Climbing to the Top – Ag Media Summit


We’re telling the story of agricultural health and safety.

Megan Schossow joined the National Farm Medicine Center as an exhibitor in the Info Expo for the 21st Agricultural Media Summit in Bloomington, MN, July 29 & 30.

Scott Heiberger and Emily Redmond joined in promoting the Telling the Story Project, Ag Media Guidelines, and engaging industry and education in the upcoming National Farm Safety and Health Week.

Pictured: Emily Redmond, Megan Schossow, and Scott Heiberger

Pictured: Megan Schossow doing a podcast with Georgia Farm Bureau

Over 700 communicators, journalists, and media professionals got together for networking and professional development.
This joint effort was successful in engaging professors of ag communications, journalists, agribusiness and others in key resources while emphasizing the need for safety and health content.