SPOTLIGHT: To Be Safe, You Have to Know How: OSHA QuickCards

SPOTLIGHT: To Be Safe, You Have to Know How: OSHA QuickCards


Safety is a big issue on the farm, but with busy days and potential language barriers, how do you discuss farm safety with employees? QuickCards are free laminated cards that offer quick, bulleted talking points about various safety issues. They even tell you exactly how to train workers about safe practices.

There are over 50 topics, including the following: being safe with tractors and harvesters, noticing the signs of cold and heat stress, preventing yourself and others from getting the flu from swine and vice versa, detecting hydrogen sulfide given off by manure, and many more.

Since these QuickCards are free, you can order as many as you need and share them with employees. Many topics, like backing up farm machinery, are even offered in Spanish! The size of a large bookmark, the QuickCards are easy to carry and easy to lay out in break rooms. Plus, since these QuickCards are from OSHA, you know you’re getting the right tips.

You can download QuickCards or order them online, by phone, or by email, all for free.


The only way to practice safety is by knowing how to be safe.