SPOTLIGHT: That’s my advice…

SPOTLIGHT: That’s my advice…


Have you ever been told…”that’s my advice, take it or leave it.”?

Many of us have sought advice from a trusted person – maybe a teacher, a relative or a good friend. Or maybe we are the person who has given advice to someone in need. Either way, we want to make sure we are getting or giving the best information or advice as possible.

UMASH has an advisory board that helps guide the center in many ways. These individuals have a background in a variety of disciplines including agriculture production, education, immigration, safety, labor, public health, government and policy. These members advise UMASH in assessing needs, suggesting resources and offering input in the overall work we do.

UMASH has recently developed Animal Handling Producer Guides for dairy producers with the advice of Jenna Davis, Education Director with the Minnesota Milk Producers Association. These guides accompany the 5 part Stockmanship video series and offer a method for training producers, workers, veterinarians and HR staff and others. The resources can be used individually or in small groups and are in English and Spanish.

Jenna was instrumental in advising UMASH on the resource development and review, making sure we address the needs of the producer. The guides are printable, mobile friendly, bi-lingual and offer a certificate of completion which is important in showing a commitment to safety. Jenna’s insights and reviews help UMASH produce the best tools possible for today’s farmers, families and workers.

UMASH values this important advice from our advisory board – knowing that they are there to give us the best information possible. We’ll take it.


5-Part Dairy Training Series

These guides are intended for training by farmers, ranchers, farm employees, veterinarians, human resources training staff and those involved with worker health and safety training/education.

The guides can be a tool for training and retraining workers. The materials can be used in small groups or individually. There is a short quiz at the end of each video to check your understanding. After completing the five videos and related quizzes, a certificate of completion is available for printing.