SPOTLIGHT: Lots to learn with just a click

SPOTLIGHT: Lots to learn with just a click

APRIL 2022

YouTube is one of the social media platforms where you can find a video on just about anything – how to fix a faucet, recipes for the pressure cooker or how to do a 5th grade math problem. There is a lot to learn on YouTube, and for UMASH, that includes farm safety and health information.

UMASH and our partners, the Centers for Agriculture Safety and Health, use YouTube to provide relevant information to farmers, workers, and families. YouTube offers a convenient means for training yourself or staff development for your workers all from your home or shop.  There are a variety of topics to fit a number of ag safety and health issues, and you can be sure the information is research-based and accurate.

UMASH has a number of videos and playlists associated with livestock and how to protect yourself from illness and injury. An added feature is that many of these animal handling videos are in English and Spanish. Videos on positive animal handling, including dairy and swine stockmanship, can be used as a refresher for one person or in a group session for workers. Other livestock videos and resources include:

We also cover topics such as correct handwashing, mental health, aging on the farm, and infectious disease.  You can find these videos and more on our YouTube channel. Additional videos can be found on the U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers.