SPOTLIGHT: Leave A Message – Ag Communication students develop farm safety messages

SPOTLIGHT: Leave A Message – Ag Communication students develop farm safety messages

MAY 2021

Powerful messages come through a variety of means and they can change the way we think and act. The art and science of communication can be an effective tool, and short video messages such as public service announcements (PSA’s) are one example.

Penn State University noted PSA’s are effective because:

  • It gets the audience to pay attention.
  • The message is clear and easy to understand.
  • The message is supported by facts about the issue.
  • The audience is able to sympathize with those affected by the issue.

UMASH worked with the University of Minnesota’s Department of Agricultural Education, Communication and Marketing to make farm safety a student project.

Pictured: Troy McKay

Students in Dr. Troy McKay’s Agricultural Communications Advanced Video class created short videos or PSA’s on grain bin safety, roadway safety and silage safety defining the risks and prevention strategies. In addition to class credit, students had the option to enter their videos into a UMASH-sponsored contest to add a bit of friendly competition.

Dr. McKay commented that the students were excited about the project and developed new skills in the process. They were highly motivated and treated this project as a deliverable to a potential client. Some of the students plan to use their video as a capstone project and also to enter the project in other national competitions.

This project was a first for UMASH and this upper level communication course. Plans are in place to offer it again next year and to other potential partners. Our message to the students and Dr. McKay is THANK YOU for allowing us to be part of your course and working with us to share this important farm safety information!


Rural Roadway Safety
Emma Nelson

Emma Nelson is a junior, majoring in both Animal Science and Agricultural Communications and Marketing. She is from west central Minnesota where her interest in agriculture started. Emma is looking forward to using her background in ag, and her undergraduate studies to find a career where she can share the stories of the hard working men and women in agriculture.

Silage Bunker Safety
Laura Church

Laura Church, a senior from east central Minnesota, is studying Agricultural Communications and Marketing and Animal Science at the University of Minnesota within the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. She has a passion for sharing the story of agriculture, and is looking forward to continuing to share that message after graduation.

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