SPOTLIGHT: Check Out Our Checklist – Take 5 Minutes to Save a Life

SPOTLIGHT: Check Out Our Checklist – Take 5 Minutes to Save a Life


Farming is a dangerous occupation, and many communities may be extra vulnerable to COVID-19. If you live, work, or grew up on a farm, you probably know someone who was injured or died in a farming incident. Can’t think of anyone? You’re lucky. Imagine a world where no one got hurt or died from a farming-related incident. That world is possible. All farm injuries and deaths are preventable.

Going through a UMASH Farm Safety Check (FSC) is a manageable way to work towards a safer farm- and may help you prevent an injury or death on your farm. Each FSC is an easy-to-use, free checklist that is adaptable and specific to your operation. Over 10 checklists include COVID -19 guidelines with infection prevention tips and resources to stay safe and healthy during this time.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ve got a blank FSC.

Print or download our pdf checklist and fill it out at your farm!

Suggestions for new FSCs are always welcome. UMASH experts are continually reviewing and updating the FSCs in light of COVID-19, emerging farm safety and health issues, and to be more accessible to Spanish-speaking farmers.

In The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande explains why checklists work. We learn that the checklist is one of the oldest systems people have. We are part of teams and we’re forgetful, so the checklist gets us talking and serves as a reminder for key areas. The checklist walks through what could go wrong, how to prevent it, and how to be prepared for the unexpected.

However, checklists are only as effective as the user….

Remember to maintain good communication, go step-by-step through the checklist, and consider how each item applies to the farm that you’re on (Weiser & Haynes, 2018).

Hierarchy of Controls


If there are barriers to implementing parts of the checklist, consider creative ways you can stay safe by following the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) Hierarchy of Controls.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Stay safe on the farm by printing out the UMASH FSCs, putting them up in commonly-used spaces, and going through the checklists before doing any task.

Farm Safety Check

Agriculture can be a dangerous job.  Safety and health can be overwhelming with the number of hazards on the farm.  Too often we hear or read of farm incidents where a farm worker or family member was seriously injured or killed.  At UMASH, we believe these injuries are preventable.