Connecting during COVID-19: Weekly Thinktank

Connecting during COVID-19: Weekly Thinktank

APRIL 2020

The beginning of 2020 spun many plans upside down as we all adjusted to our new normal. AgriSafe Network, a national nonprofit known for “Protecting the People that Feed the World” through training, education, and other programs, brought together stakeholders to respond to the ever-evolving pandemic. In collaboration with the Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS CASH) and Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention and Education (SWAG Center), AgriSafe hosts a free weekly discussion on COVID19 and what’s happening in rural and agricultural communities.

Speakers provide diverse expertise: epidemiology, infectious disease, personal protective equipment, consultants, and more. Participants come from disciplines like agri-business, farms and ranches, public health, and use this platform to connect, ask questions, and share resources. AgriSafe’s COVID-19 response page features past sessions, registration for future webinars, and a collection of resources for the agricultural community.

COVID-19 Resource Page

The outbreak of COVID-19 is rapidly changing, creating a significant challenge for U.S. public health departments, schools, community organizations, agriculture and the overall public. UMASH has compiled a list specific to the Upper Midwest region to address COVID-19 in your state.