Worker Health and Safety of an Integrated Poultry and Cropping System

Project Description

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The Main Street Project in Northfield, Minnesota has developed an integrated poultry-cropping system where free range meat chickens live among perennial plantings of woody crops. This system is intended to provide a bridge to entrepreneurship for Latino agriculture workers, but could also interest other small to medium-scale producers. Air quality analysis is needed to determine the concentrations of toxic gases, respirable dust, and endotoxin present in the poultry house and paddock. Further, health and safety audits of the poultry-cropping system will aid in improvements to facility design and work practices. Results will provide an indication of the required safety measures needed to operate the system safely.


  • Greg Schweser, Carlos Figari, and Peter Raynor. Worker health and safety of an integrated poultry and cropping system. 2016 NORA Symposium, May 4, 2016, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Greg Schweser, Carlos Figari, and Peter Raynor, Worker health and safety of an integrated poultry and cropping system 2016 UMASH Annual Forum. Saint Paul, MN. September 29, 2016.

Project Personnel

Photo of Greg Schweser

Greg Schweser

Associate Director Local Foods and Sustainable Agriculture University of MinnesotaRegional Sustainable Development Partnerships
Phone: 612-625-9706
Photo of Carlos Figari

Carlos Figari

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Photo of Peter C. Raynor PhD

Peter C. Raynor, PhD

Professor Environmental Health SciencesSchool of Public Health, University of Minnesota
Phone: 612-625-7135 Website: View Bio