[WEBINAR]: Gaining Momentum

[WEBINAR]: Gaining Momentum


12:00pm - 1:00pm

Are you at a crossroads in your business and you’re unsure of which way to go next? Do you feel that it’s difficult to separate your business from your personal life…do you have a personal life? Do you struggle with family dynamics within your business? Attend this session and learn ways to REALLY solve these issues, think differently (if you dare) and regain momentum in your business and life.

  1. Understanding who you are versus what you do
  2. Family dynamics - the great potential and how to effectively tap into it for your farm/ranch/business
  3. Mind shift discussion around change, the future, and how the farm/ranch/business is run
  4. What's next for you and how you get there? 

**This FREE session is 90 minutes including Q&A

About our presenter for How to Get Unstuck and Gaining Momentum:

Tami Forero is a strategic thinker and creative problem solver. As CEO of successful, Colorado Springs-based company, Forté Events, Inc. and Forté Consulting, she has helped small companies, Fortune 500’s and two countries overcome issues and realize success.

With twenty-eight years of experience, Tami helps clients achieve higher profits, meet goals and is a sought-after speaker nationwide on subjects of real change, internal business structures, sales, work life balance, and profitability.

Tami’s family has owned and operated farms in upstate New York for generations. Her Father left farming for the military and later started a successful family business, which moved the family around the country but Tami’s summer experiences on her Uncle’s farm left an indelible mark on her heart for all things agriculture. Over her career, Tami has worked with agricultural companies and organizations of all types helping them strengthen their businesses.