Becoming a Great Farm Supervisor

Becoming a Great Farm Supervisor



Do you want to improve your skills as a farm supervisor? In this four-part webinar series, we will cover:

June 22:

Leadership and Communication More than managing employees, learn how you can act and communicate like a leader. In this webinar, you will begin to understand the difference between being a manager and a leader on your farm. Additionally, you’ll discover your personal leadership and communication style and how your preferred style impacts your management of the farm.

June 24:

Hiring and Supervision How do you hire the right farm employee? Hiring, recruiting, and retaining employees is one of the most important decisions you make as a farm supervisor, learn how to recruit and interview employees that will be a strong fit for your farm. Also understand the three challenges of supervision and how to overcome these obstacles.

June 29:

Employee Culture and Employee Handbooks The culture of your farm business is influenced by your core values, in this webinar learn hot to craft your farm’s desired employee culture by incorporating the farm’s core values. Additionally we’ll talk about how an employee handbook is more than a document with policies, but can help everyone in business understand the farm.

July 1:

Leading with Confidence It happens to even the most competent leaders, uncertainty creeps into our thoughts that we aren't good enough or we are 'just' a farmer. Imposter Syndrome, or the feeling that you are a fraud at managing and operating your farm, affects 70% of people. Learn how to redirect your thoughts and embrace mistakes to enhance your overall confidence and satisfaction with work.