A Centennial Celebration: Minnesota Farm Bureau

A Centennial Celebration: Minnesota Farm Bureau

Credit: Minnesota Farm Bureau

Megan Schossow and Maria Bertrand attended this year’s Minnesota Farm Bureau (MFB) Annual Meeting on Friday, November 22nd in Bloomington, Minnesota. The annual meeting involves MFB delegate voting, exhibitor displays, award ceremonies, panels with commissioners and policymakers, and other meetings and discussions. Megan and Maria participated in the exhibitor displays portion of the meeting, engaging in discussions and sharing UMASH’s resources with producers, industry representatives, extension educators, and many other parties essential to UMASH’s work. They shared UMASH’s new resource cards and discussed the new Grain Handling Safety Check.

“My favorite part of the event was listening to producers share their stories. These events really help us ensure that we are listening to and responding to the concerns of those whom UMASH serves.”

Maria Bertrand