UMASH Success Story: Agritourism – The New Frontier

UMASH Success Story: Agritourism – The New Frontier



Many people are not familiar with the risks associated with visiting a working farm.

Agritourism events, including school field trips, petting zoos, county fairs and similar venues, are an increasingly popular way for people to experience agriculture.  However, these events can place people at risk of serious illness and injury, particularly for disease transmission between animals and people.

Consequences can affect both farm visitors and the owner/operator. Implementing safety practices to reduce the risk of injury or illness to visitors is becoming increasingly important.


UMASH and the Minnesota Department of Health have been offering Healthy Fairs and Agritourism workshops since 2013 to educate county fair boards and farms hosting agritourism events.  These workshops are co-hosted with the Department of Agriculture, Environmental Health, and the Board of Animal Health and are conducted across the state.  The sessions are designed to educate participants on state licensing requirements, best practices for animal venues, facility design and farm safety.  87- 100% of attendees plan to implement the information.

In addition, UMASH and the Minnesota Department of Health collaborated on a variety of resources for agritourism operators and visitors.  These include brochures, posters, and videos on handwashing and tips for keeping visitors safe.

UMASH on YouTube
The UMASH YouTube channel features ag safety training videos in English and Spanish.