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Outreach and Engagement

Our outreach and engagement program priority is to create a two-way flow of information between our Center and people affected by and involved in agriculture. This includes producers, processors, agri-businesses, public health and health care practitioners, farm family members, and many others. UMASH seeks to learn about emerging needs, trends or challenges that may affect agricultural health and safety.

As part of this outreach and engagement mission, UMASH representatives seek direct interaction with community groups through seminars, meetings, public events, conferences, and presentations to share knowledge, translate that knowledge into action, and receive information and feedback.

If you are interested in arranging a seminar or receiving more information, please contact Ruth Rasmussen, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, at or 612-625-8836.


Contact Us

Ruth Rasmussen

Ruth Rasmussen, RN, MS, MPH
Continuing Education Specialist
Centers for Public Health Education and Outreach
School of Public Health, University of Minnesota
Phone: 612-625-8836

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Scott Heiberger

Scott Heiberger, BS
Communications Specialist
National Farm Medicine Center
Phone: 715-389-7541

Outreach and Communications Specialist