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Ten Tips for Clinical Operational Reviews
Jennie McLaurin, MD
April 23

There are 19 formal program requirements for Federally Qualified Health Centers and failure to meet them results in grant conditions and other possible operational restrictions. Program requirements cover fiscal, clinical, administrative and governance issues. Although about half of the requirements include clinical components, reviewers often find that health center clinicians are unaware of the program requirements and may have had little training in how to ensure they are implemented. This session will review the clinical aspects of the program requirements, consider criteria used in assessing them on site, share common performance improvement recommendations, and discuss mechanisms for greater clinician input into achieving and sustaining requirements within a center.


MCN Webinar Series: Migrant Clinicians Network has designed the series Essential Clinical Issues in Migration Health for new as well as seasoned clinicians who are interested in understanding more about the migrant population. The series is divided into six webinars which cover a wide breadth of knowledge and skills to help clinicians provide quality care to one of the most difficult to reach populations in the United States.

Each module consists of a 1-hour webinar presented by experts in the field of migration health. Each module is accredited for an hour of Continuing Nursing or Continuing Medical Education. If you enroll for the entire series you will receive 6 full hours of free continuing education.

Learn more about the MCN webinar series.


AOHC 2014American Occupational Health Conference (AHOC) 2014
April 27-30
San Antonio, Texas

Established in 1916, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) is the pre-eminent organization of occupational health professionals who champion the health and safety of workers, workplaces, and environments. Its mission is to provide leadership by educating health professionals and the public; stimulating research; enhancing the quality of practice; guiding public policy; and advancing the field of occupational and environmental medicine (OEM). In its leadership role, ACOEM sponsors educational activities for physicians and other health professionals, including courses and the annual spring AOHC.

AOHC serves two fundamental purposes: it is the premier professional meeting for physicians and other health professionals who have an interest in the fields of occupational and environmental medicine (OEM); and it is the annual membership meeting for ACOEM's members.

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icomosInternational Conference on One Medicine One Science (iCOMOS)
The Science Behind One Health
April 27-30
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The iCOMOS is an international conference hosted by the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Academic Health Center and the Office of the Vice President for Research in partnership with allied national and international agencies. It serves as a global forum for: communication of current, groundbreaking science that addresses pressing issues at the interface of animals, humans and the environment; facilitating increased international collaboration aimed at addressing the threat of emerging zoonotic diseases, food- and water-borne pathogens, and challenges in environmental health; and engagement between health policy makers and pertinent scientific experts on issues of high importance to animal, human and environmental health.

In its inaugural year iCOMOS is focused on infectious agents and diseases at the nexus of veterinary public health, comparative medicine and ecosystem health. It explores the science of animal health in complex environments from molecular/cellular interactions to ecosystem/landscape levels. This meeting, to be held April 27-30, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN, USA, will provide a valuable forum for understanding the SCIENCE behind One Health, and will be of interest to animal healthcare veterinarians, human healthcare professionals, infectious disease scientists, public health specialists, and policy experts in agriculture, environment and health.

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Wisconsin Public Health Association (WPHA)
2014 Annual Conference
Navigating Change through Social Innovation
May 13-15
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The 2014 Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Public Health Association (WPHA) will be held May 13-15 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The conference objectives are:

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University of Minnesota School of Public Health Summer Public Health Institute 2014
University of Minnesota
School of Public Health
May 27 - June 13
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Summer Public Health Institute, now in its 13th year, offers courses for students and practice professionals in public health and related fields. Participants can build or expand their professional expertise, learn best practices, broaden career options, network with other professionals or explore a new area of interest. Courses are intensive, highly interactive and applications based with opportunities for field trips, case studies, hands-on labs and simulations.

Check out the 2014 Summer Public Health Institute website! We have a great catalog of short courses this year (39 in all), including such offerings as: "Bloody Hell: Investigating an Outbreak of a Novel Hemorrhagic Disease," "Global One Health Leadership Workshop and Practicum," "Eat, Pray, Regulate: An Analysis of the Current Food Regulatory System," and "Wildlife, the Environment and Public Health," to name a few..

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