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Migrant Clinicians Network Spanish Webinar Series
Principios de Salud PÚblica para Promotores

(Principles of Public Health for Community Health and Outreach Workers)

Migrant Clinicians Network, a UMASH partner organization, announces a new series of 10 monthly webinars, conducted entirely in Spanish.

This course will offer an overview of the issues and challenges most relevant to public health, as well as the importance of the participation of community health workers and health promoters in strengthening public health.

Participants must register individually for each webinar. Continuing education credit can be provided.

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¿Puede la gente elegir su propia salud? 
(Can people choose their own health?)
Wednesday, July 15
12:00 CDT
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El Rol de los Promotores y Trabajadores de Salud Comunitaria en la Investigación Participativa Basada en la Comunidad 
(The Role of Promoters and Community Health Workers in Community Based Participatory Research)
Wednesday, August 12
12:00 CDT
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Fortaleciendo a los Promotores de Salud o Trabajadores Communitario Utilizando Tecnología de Información
(Strengthening Health Promoters or Community Workers Using Information Technology)
Wednesday, September 16
12:00 CDT
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Los Retos Futuros de Salud Pública
(Future Challenges of Public Health)
Wednesday, October 14
12:00 CDT
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2015 ISASH Conference
Making Ag Safety and Health the New Normal
June 21-25
Normal, Illinois

The 2014 International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) Conference will be held June 21-25 in Normal, Illinois. This year's theme is "Making Ag Safety and Health the New Normal".


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2015 Minnesota Rural Health Conference
Partnerships in Progress
June 29-30
Duluth, Minnesota

The 2015 Minnesota Rural Health Conference, "Partnerships in Progress," invites rural health stakeholders to discover the promising partnerships and reform happening in health care and rural communities. This year's conference will include sessions on workforce, emergency medical systems, value-based care, mental health, care coordination and health equity.

The Minnesota Rural Health Conference features innovative local and state solutions to challenges while encouraging informed and visionary collaborations for the future.

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2015 Minnesota Association of Agricultural Educators Summer Conference
July 7-9
Jackpot Junction Conference Center
Morton, Minnesota

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Agricultural Medicine: Occupational and Environmental Health for Rural Health Professionals - The Core Course
July 8-12
University of Iowa, College of Public Health
Iowa City, Iowa

The purpose of this course is to provide the information and skills needed to enable safety and health professionals to anticipate, recognize, and prevent occupational illnesses and injuries among members of the agricultural community. This course is appropriate for safety and health managers, graduate students, nurses, physicians, veterinarians, and anyone interested in the special health and safety needs of rural and agricultural communities.

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2015 AVMA Annual Convention
July 10-14
Boston, Massachusetts

The mission of the AVMA Convention is to advance the knowledge and skills of veterinarians and related professionals by providing superior and diverse continuing education, a platform for dissemination of research, a forum for associated organizations, and an opportunity for collegian interaction.

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2015 National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) Annual Meeting
July 12-16
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference is for Agricultural Extension professionals from all around the United States. The South Dakota Cooperative Extension System Agents and Specialists along with partnering North Central Cooperative Extension System Agents, Educators, and Specialists will host the event. Over 2,000 agriculture and natural resource extension educators, their spouses and children, life members and guests are expected to attend.

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Agricultural Medicine: Occupational and Environmental Health for Rural Health Professionals - The Core Course
July 14-17
UNMC College of Public Health
Omaha, Nebraska

This course is intended for professionals who work with or have an interest in agricultural health and safety including physicians, nurses, emergency medicine responders, physician assistants, health educators, advanced practice nurses, Ag extension, migrant health clinicians, NIOSH Ag Center personnel, physical therapists, insurance specialists, and veterinarians.

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Hearing Program Adapted to Agriculture
July 22

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a permanent impairment resulting from exposures to high levels of noise. It has been recognized by OSHA as one of the most prevalent occupational health concerns in the U.S. for over 25 years. Agricultural workers are among those in high risk occupations with extensive exposure to multiple high noise level environments. The Hearing Conservation Program Adapted to Agriculture presentation is intended for business managers, health care providers, and production workers. It provides valuable m=best management practice punts for operations that do not fall under OSHA regulations as well as those that do need to comply.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

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17th Annual Agricultural Media Summit
Blaze Your New Trail

July 25-29
Scottsdale, Arizona

The Agricultural Media Summit is the largest meeting in the United States of the ag industry's top writers, editors, photographers, publishers and ag communicator specialists.

The Ag Media Summit is a joint meeting of the American Agricultural Editors' Association, the Livestock Publications Council and the American Business Media Agri-Council. This industry-wide gathering of agricultural communicators offers one of the best opportunities for professional improvement and industry networking. More than 600 attend this event each year, and the InfoExpo annually exceeds 75 booths.

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American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) Annual Meeting
July 26-29
New Orleans, Louisiana

ASABE 2015 presents a forum to expand awareness of current industry trends, promote and acknowledge innovations in design and technology, and provide opportunities for professional development – all with a focus on the economic, political and societal impacts facing the industry.

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Prevention Strategies to Protect Women Working in Agriculture
August 19

Carolyn Sheridan, RN, BSN
Clinical Director, AgriSafe Network

The range of farm activities compound the problem of assuring a safe worksite for farm women who have their own inherent contraindications. Safety education for the agricultural population is often aimed at men in farming operations resulting in farm women being an underserved population.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

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