Blah! It is Still WINTER!!

Blah! It is Still WINTER!!


Have the darker days and colder temps been smothering your joy? Winter seems to drag on forever. Are you looking for a new outlook but don't know where to start? Join us on this webinar to learn effective ways of managing our emotions during the tough winter months and even early spring for those of us who live on the tundra or for those dealing with MUD season. Learn what signs and symptoms to watch for in yourself and others, discover effective ways to battle the blues.

About our presenter:

Monica Kramer McConkey, LPC has 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field as a child and adolescent counselor, program supervisor, and administrator. Monica grew up on a farm in Northwest Minnesota and has an intimate understanding of the dynamics that contribute to farm stress and its impact on farm families. Monica is very much in touch with the agricultural way of life.